Kings Room
VR360 video (stereoscopic)
Duration 4:30

Director: Thomas Seest
Dancer/Choreography/Costume: Wanijku Victoria
Camera/Edit: Thomas Seest

Denmark was a slave nation. More than 100.000 enslaved black Africans was shipped from Ghana to West Indies, between 1780-1850. The king had established a Company to run the business. They created a huge income, based on the slaves and sugar plantations in Danish-Westindia. The Danish-Westindian Company built a large storage building in the heart of Copenhagen harbour. On 5th. floor, a baroque style room, the King could overlook the harbour and have meetings with the company – The kings room.

A black dancer is moving around the camera, inside the Kings room

The Royal Cast Collection, Copenhagen SMK, Copenhagen (prior Danish-Westindian Company)

Exhibition: Loikka Festival, Finland 2018
Thanks to Claus Seest, Henrik Holm, SMK, Kunststyrelsen, Loikka

Denmark 2018

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