In Paris to do research on Nicephore Niepce and the invention of photography. He made photographs through the windows of his house in Chalon-Sur-Soane, at the end of 1820s.
All the images depict the view outside his house.

I stayed at a friends apartment during my studies on Niepce. He had a great cd collection that I dug into at night. One of the last mornings in Paris I noticed the light in the window, and it sort of reminded me of Niepce´s method. I found an old DV camera in the apartment and made the recording.

The camera or the tape turned out to be broken, and at first I was very dissapointed with the damage, but later I fell i love with the digital noise. I looped the recording.

edition dandruff – single screen

edition netfilmmakers – double screen

2005 commission by netfilmmakers and egoburger
Danish Art Council/ Cité Internationale Des Arts

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