film med Suzette Gemzøe for Sct Hans aften, Gerschwin Hotel, NYC
optaget på Overgaden, Institut for samtidskunst, København 2009

Recipe (for two persons)
2 apples
sugar and cinnamon
primus cooker and white spirit

gently peel apples, preferably in one long peel, until naked. Remove the core and cut the apples in half, horizontally so that a star appears on each half. expose the apples to heat and fire, until dark and soft and consume them with alcohol.

thus ingesting an ancient love potion and redirecting your senses with the drug of alcohol you will both synchronously enter the ever persisting realm of sexual energy, mutual desire and quiet, weightless ecstasy. here Ishtar rules alongside Dionysus, forever nursing an eight pointed star of fire that will eat you up, possess your bodies, liberate your senses, purify your minds and enable unified transcending energy
til udstillingen Guld og grønne skove, Carlsberg site 2009
viste vi filmen sammen med en stor 8 takket stjerne tegnet på gulvet

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